‘A Muslim artist should be a mirror for our Islamic heritage’ – Teakster

I established this website to showcase my work, which is inspired by the artistic traditions of the Muslim world. For over a decade, I’ve exhibited my art in various countries and collaborated with renowned artists and organisations.

Numerous publications and prestigious institutions such as the British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, and Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre have featured my work. I’ve created exhibitions and installations that celebrate Islamic art and culture. I’ve also had the privilege of presenting my work to various influential figures, including world leaders and Middle Eastern royalty, who have commended my artistic talent and vision.

When I realised that my passion for art was going to become my life’s work, I began experimenting with colours and patterns to produce the intricate digital art that has become my signature. My upbringing influences my art, allowing me to experiment with different styles. I believe that my ‘cosmopolitan approach’ can serve as a bridge between different cultures. I’ve been continuously evolving my work across multiple disciplines, from fine art pieces to urban street murals. Public galleries and private art buyers highly seek my distinctive style.

As my art and work gained popularity, my website quickly amassed a large global following. Various blogs have requested me to comment on artistic news and provide advice and inspiration to new artists. Consequently, I regularly hold talks about how my faith has inspired my artwork and how artistic representations have the power to help heal society. My work is very focused on promoting Islamic values and addressing interfaith issues to bring long-term benefits to people of all faiths. To this end, I enjoy conveying messages of positive social change and am committed to engaging young people through workshops, talks, and presentations.

As a result of my art and projects, I’ve been commissioned to complete a variety of design projects. These range from illustration projects for festivals and branding designs for new product launches to assisting large organisations in building a smoother user experience for their applications or websites. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cambridge Muslim College, the London Mayor’s Office, and Dubai Culture. Great design adds value to products and services. My design business focuses on providing unique and well-thought-out designs that will benefit organisations through brand awareness and focus.

Some of my most enjoyable assignments have been collaborations with other artists to create stunning original pieces of artwork. I’ve had the privilege of working with renowned artists such as Haji Noor Deen, El Seed, Peter Sanders, and Ian Abdullateef Whiteman, as well as a whole new generation of emerging artists.

Islam has a history of creative passion within the artistic, written, and spoken world, all of which have represented the key messages in Islam of Peace, Acceptance, Submission to God, and the Unity of all the People of the World.

Awards and Achievements

London Borough of Culture 2022: Project of the Year – Winner – London, United Kingdom
Chaiya Art Awards 2020 – Finalist – London, United Kingdom
The Muslim News Awards 2014: Alhambra Award for Excellence in Arts – Winner – London
Creative Activist Awards 2010: Art Award – Winner – London, United Kingdom
Emerald Awards 2008: Artist of the Year – Winner – London, United Kingdom
Al-Mahabba Awards 2008: Art Category – Second place – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Islam Expo 2006: Art award – Winner – London, United Kingdom